How can genocide happen in today’s digital age?

With all our technological advancements it seems that our world has shrunk. We are a global community. And yet, sometimes we find that there are still dark corners where terrifying events are taking place on a mass scale. _58952702_afp3
My third short story will be coming out in a little under two weeks. It is called Chasing Ghosts with Arrow Boys. First, let me say this was one of the hardest stories I have ever written. It is based on the true and horrific events that are currently taking place in South Sudan. This innocent teenage girl had her lips, nose and ears cut off by the Lord’s Resistance Army, a terrorist organization operating in South Sudan, while the world turned a blind eye. The question my story explores is how can murder, rape, and kidnapping on a mass scale go largely unnoticed in today’s society? What makes some stories more present  than others? What can we do as a global community to shed light on this atrocity?

Chasing Ghosts with Arrow Boys follows an American photojournalist as she journeys through South Sudan to uncover the real life horrors that are happening daily. Armed with just a camera, Jessica’s mission is to capture Joseph Kony, leader of The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and a man personally responsible for the murder and displacement of over 2 million people.

Kony is a ghost evading justice as he moves swiftly through the Bush, a jungle the size of California located along the border of South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. From the safety of this vast tangle of trees and rivers that coil like intestines, he orchestrates attacks on local unarmed villages, pillaging homes and abducting children to serve in his LRA. If Jessica is to expose the truth, she knows she must scour the Bush with a group of farmers, husbands, brothers, and sons who, armed with just bows and arrows, vow to defend their homes and loved ones from Kony. But as Jessica chases ghosts with Arrow Boys she soon finds that she cannot hide from her own haunted past…

For those of you who are unfamiliar, as I once was, with the atrocities perpetrated by Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army you can read about them here: 
I’d also recommend watching the HBO documentary Witness South Sudan.


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