love, if only technically – BY: ROXY HARRISON

your dad, amazed,
opened up my email
in which i listed the qualities
that made you
my favorite human on earth

somewhere in the keyboard
i wondered if i had overstepped
my boundaries in the precarious
space between the letters
“e” and “r”

the white wash of those lit
up alphabets did little to
quell my hand from composing
a letter that never would have been
sent if…
only i had been born 20 years ago
before the anonymity of an
infinite internet had been constructed

and in an era where people
could simply talk to each other
without the safe and sterile buffer
of a glowing computer screen

i thank god for technological achievements.


One thought on “love, if only technically – BY: ROXY HARRISON

  1. Hey I really like this piece. I’ve only read it twice so far so still working it out more, but right away it has a kind of lyrical quality -ie. the alliteration in white/wash or been/born/before. I also like the vivid imagery of reading on a computer screen and how that experience is different than a post card or letter. Lastly (for now) I like the idea of how letter sharing and transmission is so different than it used to be. Does the speed in which we write and share information change the way we view letters? Are email really just electronic letters or are they something else altogether?

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