How To Submit Work….

Hi everyone,

Many people have been asking how they can submit their own creative work to the blog. First, let me say that I am very happy to hear how enthusiastic people have been about the blog!

If you are interested in submitting ANY creative product (a short story, poetry, pictures, a video piece, an audio piece, etc.) that uses one of these platforms as a means of creatively exploring what it means to be human in an increasingly technological/digital age, PLEASE submit your work via email to Again, all creative work will be reviewed and, if accepted, wil be displayed within the author’s own work space on the blog.

Additionally, please encourage your friends to join the blog: They can simply follow the blog by providing their email address in the Follow box and hitting the Follow button. They will instantly receive a confirmation email; they just hit the blue confirm button and they are following (SOUNDS COMPLICATED BUT IT IS REALLY SIMPLE). Or they can submit their own work as well.

All work will be on display at the Honors Symposium and viewed by the Rutgers Deans/Honors Department in May 2013.

Thank you all for your help and support!

If you have any questions or concerns contact us at


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