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The String of Pearls

imgres-3In the backroom there’s a swordfish mounted on the wall. It’s not real. I know that now, but as a kid the giant looked down on me, straight into my eyes, and I felt something real there, something inside it. I felt sad for the giant on the wall. I wanted to set it free. I tap its plastic eyeball. It looks so real.

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The sand is cold between my toes. By this time of year, most people have left the island already. I walk near the ocean, following a stale set of footprints. It’s a child’s summer expedition. The trail loops up towards the dunes, then back down. There’s a scatter of seagull prints around and I imagine him chasing them excitedly, hoping to catch one and bring it home.

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Hi everyone,

Hope you are ready to explore together….The first story is finally here. It’s called THE STRING OF PEARLS. I hope you enjoy it. Constructive criticism is much appreciated so please feel free to comment.

Remember: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE explore with us and submit your creative work today!

Hello world!

Welcome to my creative workshop where I will be exploring what “intelligence” means in the digital age. More specifically, I am trying to understand who we are and who we are becoming as we push deeper into the 21st century.

My chosen craft for exploration will be  short stories, but I encourage you to submit creative materials in whatever medium you prefer. I only ask that your work be relevant to the topic described above.

I will personally review all submissions and determine whether the creative work merits a place in the gallery. I look forward to seeing your work on display!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE EXPLORE WITH US!! I think the journey will be an exciting one.